a Shared workshop for creation and innovation

At ProtoLab we build a lot of custom drones. Everything from big octocopters that can carry large cinema cameras, down to the highly popular 250mm and even smaller racing classes of quadcopter.

We do this for our own hobby, and we encourage you to join our makerspace and learn to build your own drones because it's an incredibly fun and fulfilling way to learn new skills. 

But we also offer professional custom build services to any interested customers. Weather you want to get into racing, or have an eye for heavy duty aerial cinematography; we will build you a professional quality, drone to suit your needs. 

The makerspace is very well equipped for building drones of all shapes and sizes. Multirotor or fixed wing. Custom replacement parts, or full scratch builds. You can do it all here. Below are some examples of frames built using our equipment.


The laser is perfectly suited to cutting and scoring foam core board that can be assembled into all kinds of airplanes and gliders. Or you can cut plywood and acrylic to make mounting plates or even a cheap quadcopter frame or prototype.

Our CNC routers are ideal for milling G10, Carbon Fibre, aluminum, and other materials and composites. Perfect for professional quality quadcopter frames, traditional RC heli frames, mounting plates, and all sorts of other components.

We also have 4 3d printers that can make just about all the other components you may need. You can even print the entire quadcopter if you want. Either design them yourself, or choose from a plethora of open-source components freely available on the internet. Print in the standard PLA and ABS, or get really serious and print in Polycarbonate or Carbon Fibre impregnated PLA.