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Drones, MiniQuads, and FPV

Who has heard of Drones? Everyone. How about FPV or racing drones though? This is not new, but drone racing is beginning to take it's first steps out of the backyard/underground racing scene toward real organization and even potentially live broadcast. 

Earlier this summer the US Drone Nationals took place at the California State Fair. This was an un-precedented event that appears to have gone extremely well! Here is a video that will give you a bit of background into what it took to put it on, and why it was a success.

Pretty cool hey? Wouldn't it be great if some of this was going on in Canada as well? Well, next weekend, August 21-23 FatShark (the company that makes the video goggles) is sponsoring "FatShark Frenzy" aka the Canadian Drone Nationals!!! The race will be happening up in Collingwood Ontario, with tons of vendors, BBQ, drone building workshops, a beginner race category, and a freestyle competition. 

I'll be there all weekend, racing in the beginner class as well as the Minis and micros class (under 250mm motor to motor). It's a really good spectator sport, because you can literally ride along with the pilots by monitoring their camera feed. It's a free event for spectators, so if you've been considering getting into flying quadcopters, this would be a good opportunity to come check out what's available, and meet lots of different pilots.