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Moving in our table saw, and other shop tools

Yesterday we went to Busy Bee tools to pick up our table saw, dust collector, planer, jointer, and some other things. It turned out to be a little more adventure than we had anticipated; but what doesn't. 

It began when we decided to bring a minivan instead of a truck… Just couldn't get a rental in time. 


Once we had everything crammed into the back of the Caravan (everything but the 6" jointer, which we had to come back for), we took off across town to Protolab. We had to go to the Missisauga location because it was the only one that had everything in stock. 

The table saw didn't fit with the packaging on, but it went in easily enough once we took it off. 


Back at Protolab, trying to get the saw out was another story...

We had managed to get it half way out, but it was clear by now that we were not going to be lifting it straight out onto our loading dock (as we had naively planned). Ultimately, we started to run out of time and put the saw back in the van, while we drove back across the city to pick up the jointer we left behind on the first trip. On the drive over we discussed possible strategies for getting the hulking 500lb saw out of the back of the van, and up the 18 inches or so to the edge of the dock.

On the way back to Protolab for the second time, we stopped off at home depot and picked up a couple of 10 foot 2x4's.  I fed the 2x4's into the skid and we dragged and tilted it out of the back of the van, and then backed the van up until we propped the long ends inside the dock.

At this point the three of us slid the saw up the 2x4's to the edge of the dock, now totally suspended on them. We now had the task of holding up the end of the 2x4's that were in the back of the van; much like a wheelbarrow, while the van drove out of the way. Thanks to the leverage of the 2x4's this was surprisingly manageable.

The last step was to tip the saw up and into the shop, which went fairly smoothly. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the last steps, as we were all busy moving the saw.