2 Kelvin Ave

Toronto, ON, M4C 5C8



Protolab specializes in custom fabrication in all kinds of different materials and processes. We have a large CNC router and laser cutter, as well as all the typical tools for cutting and shaping raw materials into beautiful and useful goods of heirloom quality. Contact us below if you would like to have us build something for you.

We also offer co-working memberships to our makerspace, to help others in the neighborhood have access to some workshop space as well as large advanced tools that would be impractical for the individual. Contact us below if you are interested in making things yourself and would like to come for a tour.





Membership offers you full 24/7 access to our makerspace and all of the tools within. We are more than happy to teach/train anyone from any skill level or background how to use anything that you aren't familiar with yet. Our members come from all different walks of life and have diverse skills and experience to share with each other, you will often catch yourself oooing and ahhhing at what others are doing around the shop while you're here.